CAS (Cognitive Assessment System):

CAS is a new generation, cognitive skills assessment test applicable for children at ages between 5 to 17. The reason why CAS is called as a new generation tool is for the origins of CAS come from research on Information Processing Models which became widely accepted on area of Cognitive Psychology since 2000’s. CAS brings a neuropsychological perspective to cognitive/intelligence testing.

CAS is originally created by researchers from Ohio University, USA. Validation and reliability studies of CAS as an internationally valid tool of intelligence testing are conducted later. Turkish version of CAS is available since 2018 thanks to work by a large team of researchers from Istanbul University which started in 2004.

The main benefits of CAS are:

  • To put forward the educational needs of students in academic settings
  • To determine areas of cognitive functioning that the student is powerful and those areas that should be supported
  • Therefore, to help student to realize his/her full developmental potential at all areas of learning especially those required at school

Metaphorically speaking, CAS is considered to be a brain tomography scan in which thorough information about cognitive functioning of student is obtained. That much of in depth knowledge about cognitive processes of the student is extremely helpful for all parties who play role on child’s development like parents, teachers and counsellors.

CAS yields scores on 12 different cognitive skills that are categorized under 4 main areas called Planning Scale, Attention Scale, Simultaneous Scale and Successive Scale. Some of the skills examined are visual and auditory memory, perceptive attention, organization of word sequences, verbal spatial relations, control of thoughts, emotions and behaviors. CAS provides information of cognitive functioning on a wide range of skills.

CAS administration takes approximately 1 to 1,5 hours depending on the student’s performance. Time required for administration of CAS, preparations and need breaks are all together equal to 2 full sessions at İPC. CAS is administered by the tester on a desk and involves of stimulus books and booklets which mostly requires paper and pencil responses from the student.

Thanks to CAS as one of the well-known, scientific and reliable cognitive assessment tools that is internationally accepted, İPC is now able to track child development beginning from infancy till college years. On the bases of CAS results, we are able to produce clear, comprehensive and to-the-point advises for parents on all sorts of children’s educational needs.

As CAS administration certificate is internationally approved, expat families taking CAS will benefit from the results not only on parenting decisions at home related setting but also on communication of their children’s educational strengths and needs with specialists like teachers, school psychologists, coaches etc. from other settings. We are ready to get in contact with other parties contributing to your child’s development whenever needed.

CAS would be especially beneficial for those children who started elementary school, are in transitional period to secondary school or at preparational years for high school or college exams. Besides that, expat children who may naturally feel more stressed about academic success at school and more readily have social or emotional difficulties in adjustment to host culture will definitely benefit from CAS.

İPC provides CAS for students at ages between 5 to 17, and sincerely recommends its administration to expat children for whom the school success is one of the main predictors of social-emotional adjustment in host country. We invite all families to CAS administration who are interested in getting thorough information about their children’s cognitive functioning and therefore, being able to properly support learning processes and academic performance of their children.